Ad Rant: David Spade brings pal Chris Farley back from the dead to shill for Direct TV


Friendship is a beautiful thing, except when you have a friend like David Spade.

The minor-league SNL alum's close buddy Chris Farley died at 33 of a drug overdose in 1997, and the grief must be eating away at Spade's brain cells (and ethics) all these years later.

How else to explain the monstrous lack of judgment involved in Spade's new commercial for DirecTV? The ad uses the wonders of modern technology to meld Spade's pitch for the satellite TV giant with a scene from Tommy Boy (1995) showing Farley trying to squeeze into a too-small suit jacket. Farley frequently made fun of his own girth -- which does not mean that a minor fat joke is how he would have liked to be remembered.