Consumerism Commentary launches second season

Listening is a great skill, one that will get you far in life and far in relationships. It will also help you become better at your personal finances. There are many personal finance and consumer podcasts out there, including WalletPop's podcasts, but one of my favorite podcasts is the Consumerism Commentary.

Consumerism Commentary, which kicked off its second season interviewing Baker from Man Vs. Debt, is consistently a must listen to podcast because the show brings in interesting guests who share great advice and cool new tools and tips to better manage your life and finances.
My favorite guests are those like Baker, who discuss their own struggle with debt, but I also enjoyed listening to the last episode of Season 1, which featured Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing and editor of MAKE magazine. Frauenfelder shared how his move to the islands and a new culture became a new business opportunity, in helping others learn, or sometimes re-learn, how to make things; a habit he picked up on the island.

Consumerism Commentary is hosted by Tom Dziubek, who was co-host of the Wall Street Journal E-Report, an Internet radio show focusing on technology, and Flexo, who founded Consumerism Commentary.

These two do a good job of pulling information out of guests, for example, in learning about what drove Greg Grunberg to co-create the money saving Yowza iPhone app, it came out that Greg used to sell Leotards in his early entrepreneurial days.

In the upcoming season they'll also have Sharon Harvey Rosenberg (The Frugal Duchess), Dan Solin (author of "The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read"), and Renaud Laplanche (CEO of LendingClub) and many more.

If you want a sample of what the Consumerism Commentary is about you can listen to their interview with Mark Frauenfelder in the embedded player below.

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