Cafe Cash, Expansions Show Up in Cafe World

The little food game that could, Cafe World's latest update introduce the pay for play Cafe Cash, the return of expansions and a new button that lets you purchase coins or Cafe Cash for real-world money. Players of FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Roller Coaster Kingdom won't be surprised by the introduction of the real cash for virtual cash option. But what is new is that the expansions in the game can now be acquired in to ways: either with coins plus a specific amount of neighbors or a newly unveiled Cafe Cash amount.

Here are there new prices for Cafe World expansions:

Quaint Cafe
1 neighbor plus 500 coins or 2 Cafe Cash

Corner Cafe
2 neighbors plus 5,000 coins or 25 Cafe Cash

Family Cafe
4 neighbors plus 50,000 coins or 30 Cafe Cash

Plentiful Cafe
8 neighbors plus 125,000 Coins or 35 Cafe Cash

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