Would You Pay for Hulu?

Having watched the season premiere of 30 Rock last night on Hulu to get caught up, this hits home for many of us.

According to the AP, a News Corp executive said that the service could start charging fees as soon as early 2010.

This while Netflix had another monster quarter for earnings.

It just seems somewhat improbable that people are going to be cough up $5-$10 per month for more than five or six of these kinds of services.

The one-stop shop aspect of Hulu is what makes it appealing. At the same time, they are already putting only the "most recent" episodes on Hulu, to protect the full season DVD sales and rentals.

If your cable company tacked $5 onto your $100+ bill for access to Hulu, that would be one thing. Bundling is what the cable companies and telcos seem to be all about.

But a recurring fee of $5 or $10 per month so you can watch two or three episodes of Lost, The Office and 30 Rock just seems like a tough pill to swallow.

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