Should Mafia Wars Energy Points Rollover?


Every Mafia Wars player has done it. You've got a stack of energy points left and you're a mere 1 or 2 experience points until your next level and you're not looking. Then it happens, you're congratulated and given a new level as your health, energy and stamina points are filled. Sadly, that nice stack of remaining energy points are now gone.

Well, Facebook-based players are furious and to try and persuade the game's creators at Zynga to get in line with their AT&T rollover minutes. Rather than remove the remaining energy points, players want to keep their previous amount plus the new full amount. For players, they'd be able to increase their levels at a faster pace. For Zynga, there might be less of a benefit considering that the company does make money off players who don't want to wait to add energy points and purchase Reward Points, which are used for Energy Refills.

So what do you think?