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Want to know the most stressed out city, smartest city, how to throw a football party or who the hell is crazy enough to sue Madonna? Then you may have missed the top stories on RentedSpaces this week.

Here it is: All the rental news you can use, and then some.
  • Madonna Makes Lousy Neighbor
    Who in their right mind would tell Madonna to shut the hell up?! Apparently her crazy, New York neighbor. Will Madonna be movin' on down?
  • Take Your Tailgate Inside
    That's right sports fans, it's football season, a.k.a. tailgate time. We've got a run-down of easy appetizers and party tricks for those of you shut out from the big game.
  • When Free Rent Costs $3,000
    Do you live in a dump? Try haggling with your landlord for cheaper rent, just make sure you don't get too fancy.
  • Smart Cities on a Dumb List
    See whose the smartest of them all, according to a Huffington Post survey. Hint: It ain't New York, or L.A. (but, I guess we knew that much).
  • City Renters "Gone Country"
    Tight-jeaned, mustachioed Alan Jackson would be proud: The creative class is favoring pastoral settings over city ones thanks to the spread of telecommuting.

  • Google Goes 3-D
    The masterminds at Google are about to revolutionize the way you look for your next apartment with their new Google Building Maker. See how it works.
  • Chicago Stressed Out, Miami Super Chill
    We never would have guessed Chicago would be named most-stressed city. Once more, New York slipped by. Is something fishy going on here Mayor Bloomberg?
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