Quicken 2010: Faster, simpler and welcomes MS Money users

This week Intuit released Quicken 2010, the latest update to the popular Quicken line of personal finance software.

Included in the release are several features and enhancements to provide a better user experience in Quicken 2010 as well as an easy-to-use conversion tool to help Microsoft Money users convert to Quicken 2010.

Of the enhancements and upgrades to Quicken, customers will appreciate the following five features that will make using and sticking with Quicken 2010 easier.
  • Faster setup -- New three-step guide gets you up and running faster than before.
  • Simplified navigation -- Easier access to the tools you want to use.
  • At a glance homepage -- All of your important info on one page; saving spending and bills.
  • Automatic categorization -- Transactions are now automatically added to the right category -- saving you time.
  • Easier to use -- More welcoming to new users and provides customization.

In addition to these improvements Quicken 2010 includes a tool to help users convert from Microsoft Money that will import much of their information into Quicken. There's also a followup guide to highlight additional steps Microsoft Money users need to take after installing Quicken 2010.

There are several versions of Quicken 2010 available to help you get a handle on your money.
  • Quicken Starter Edition ($29.99) – For consumers who want to get handle on their money so they avoid missing bills and incurring costly fees.
  • Quicken Deluxe ($59.99) – For those who want to save more; helps create custom savings plans.
  • Quicken Premier ($89.99) – For investors and those who manage investments and plan ahead for tax
  • Quicken Home & Business ($99.99) – For those who manage both home and business expenses.
If you want to know more about the various editions of Quicken 2010 you can view this comparison chart, which also includes details about the free Quicken Online personal finance tool.

Right now you can purchase Quicken 2010 at Staples for $30-$40 off after mail in rebate or the Quicken Deluxe at OfficeMax for $20 off.

Check back in the coming weeks for WalletPop's full review of Intuit's Quicken 2010.
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