Pet Society's Great Hideeni Found!


After a brief maintenance period, Pet Society reopens with a new character -- The Great Hideeni -- who will be skulking around your pet's and other pets' houses. If you find him, he will give you a special gift that you can share with friends.

Pet Society's Great Hideeni Found
Pet Society's Great Hideeni Found

After hearing this news, we assumed it would be a few days before we spotted this legendary character, but when Bluer went into her media room -- the Great Hideeni was just standing there in front of her trophy case! He's black and wears a big yellow feather outfit topped off with a giant red plume. After clicking on him, he rewarded Bluer with a puppy plushie to share with friends.

One note: if you see the Great Hideeni -- make sure you click on him right away. He moves fast, and it's easy to miss the opportunity to collect some unique items.

Another note: You can't accept your own Great Hideeni gifts, like in FarmVille. They're for friends only. Capice?

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