FarmVille Mystery Boxes: A Total Rip-Off?


Earlier this week, we wrote about the brand new mystery boxes in FarmVille, but had yet to discover what's inside those boxes. We did some research around the Web and here's the complete list of the items inside these mystery boxes -- from the best items, i.e. the Gold Gnome and Hot Tob, to some, well, less-than-exciting items, like a beige lounge chair.

Gold Gnome

200 XP
1000 coins

Hot Tub
200 XP
1000 coins

Tree Swing
650 coins

Fire Pit
80 XP
400 coins

Striped Rest Tent

60 XP
300 coins

Country Picnic Table
60 XP
300 coins

Lounge Chair
50 XP
250 coins

Red Bike

30 XP
150 coins

Do you think these Items are worth the 15 FV dollars or are they a big rip off? Let us know in the comments below!