FarmVille Dairy Farms: Milk 'Em if You Got 'Em


We found another big update on FarmVille today -- Dairy Farms. FarmVille's official community manager Lexilicious gave this explanation of the new Dairy Farms in the Facebook game:

Some things to know about Dairy Farms:

Up to 20 cows can be placed in a single Dairy Farm at a time.

Dairy Farms can be used once every 24 hours and will yield the sum of all of the cows stored within. (For example: if 10 cows are placed in the Dairy Farm, and are harvestable for 6 coins apiece, you will receive 60 coins.)

In order to be able to purchase a Dairy Farm for Coins, you must have at least 8 Neighbors.

If you do not have 8 Neighbors, the Dairy Farm can be purchased for 20 Farm Cash.

To place a cow in the Dairy Farm, click on a cow, and select the "Move" option. You will then be able to hover the cow over your Dairy Farm and release it. When the cow is hovered over the dairy farm, the dairy farm will light up with a yellow outline.

To remove a cow from your Dairy Farm, click on your Dairy Farm, and select "Remove Cows".

You can only have a maximum of 5 Dairy Farms present on your farm at one time.

Rest assured, we will be checking out these new dairy farms in more depth later today and will bring you the scoop about this udderly fascinating FarmVille feature.

[Via Zynga Forums]