FarmVille Dairy Farm: Learn How to Milk 20 Cows at Once

Earlier today, we reported that FarmVille now includes Dairy Farms, which is -- essentially -- an easier way to milk your cows. Diary Farms can be found under "Building" in the in-game store and can be bought for 10,000 coins or 20 FarmVille dollars and that will give you 100 experience points.

farmville dairy farms let you milk 20 cows at once

Once the Dairy Farm is placed on your land, you can move your cows into it. Simply click on each cow, select 'Move' then drag and drop them into the farm. Each farm holds up to 20, though if you have less, will work too -- you'll just collect fewer coins when harvesting. Once inside, dairy farmers will have to wait a day to harvest the milk. Also, there's a limit of five Dairy Farms per farm, so don't get greedy.

We set up our first dairy farm today and are counting down the minutes until we can harvest all five of our cows at once. Yes, we only have five cows after selling a bunch off. All that milking was making our hands chafe. We'll follow up and let you know how the big milk-fest goes in 24 hours.Update: One day later, the dairy farm was ready for harvesting, and it gave us 30 coins for our five cows, and it started all over again. Supposedly, these dairy farms are just the beginning of useful buildings for FarmVille.

Farmville dairy farms: it's how to milk 20 cows at once.
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