Breyers labeling mistake prompts ice cream recall

Somebody wasn't paying attention when slapping on the labels at the Breyers ice cream factory.

Unilever United States Inc., Breyers' parent company, is recalling an undisclosed number of 1.5 quart tubs of "All Natural Cookies & Cream" ice cream that are carrying labels that say "All Natural Mint Chocolate Chip." The lids, however, correctly identify the ice cream inside.
What makes this a problem isn't so much that people with a hankering for mint chocolate chip ice cream end up with cookies and cream, but that the cookies contain wheat and given that it has the wrong label there's nothing to warn those with a wheat allergy.

As a result Unilever and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are pulling the products in hopes of preventing a wheat-allergic consumer from getting sick.

Unilever spokeswoman Anita Larsen described the number of affected tubs of ice cream as "limited" and said the company does not disclose the actual number of units in a recall.

The recalled ice cream has this UPC: 077567254245 and "Best If Used By" dates of Feb. 17, Feb 18 or Feb. 19 -- suggesting the labeling boo-boo went on for three days.

Unilever said the ice cream was recalled after some consumers complained about the mislabeling and the company realized the label didn't warn of the presence of wheat.

If you have one of the affected containers of ice cream, Unilever asks that you discard it and call the company at 877-270-7402 to get a refund.
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