Aargh, matey -- Singing clerk is a music pirate

binary birthday
binary birthday

Scot Sandra Burt was singing to herself to pass the time as she stocked shelves at the grocery store where she works, in Clackmannashire, Scotland. Imagine her surprise when the UK's Performing Right Society (PRS), sent her a letter warning that she could be fined for singing songs written by its clients without paying a royalty.

Apparently, PRS and the store owners had already tangled once over unlicensed music broadcast in the store. PRS has since come to its senses and sent Burt a letter of apology.

However, the question reminded me of a fact I came across recently; the rights to the song "Happy Birthday To You" are privately owned, and every time it is performed in public, such as at a local restaurant, money is due the owners of the song. I heard this sung by the staff of a restaurant to honor a customer just two days ago, and I'm betting I witnessed an act of piracy.