Zynga Says 50 Million Served -- Every Day

Zynga games serve 50 million people a day.
Zynga games serve 50 million people a day.

If you thought FarmVille's population of 60 million active users over a month was impressive -- gnaw on this factoid. All of Zynga's games, which include FarmVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars, draws 50 million users per day.

To put that into perspective, the combined population of New York City and Los Angeles is roughly 30 million people. Tack on a few more big cities, and that's how many people log into Zynga's slate of social games on a daily basis.

Zynga CEO and Founder Mark Pincus, who spoke at the Web 3.0 conference in San Francisco this week, also talked about how the booming social gaming model will go beyond Facebook and be applied to other services.

"You will see many other forms of social plumbing emerge, and the category of social apps will be up for grabs in every traditional sector, from travel to search to gaming," Pincus says.

Of course, we've already been seeing this happening, with everything from crowd sourcing restaurant reviews, etc. on Yelp.com to the integration of Twitter search in services like Google (announced this week) and Microsoft's Bing. Looks like this social thing might be hanging around for a while.

[Via Inside Social Games]