Wise Latinas Not Selling

WASHINGTON - (AP) Not even Supreme Court justices are immune to the economy. Justice Sonia Sotomayor plans to keep her apartment in New York for the time being, even as she gets a place in Washington.

"Right now I, like many other Americans, it would not be wise for me to sell my home in New York because the market is so low," Sotomayor said in an interview with the C-SPAN network for a documentary on the court.
Sotomayor's condominium in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan was worth about $1 million, according to the financial disclosure she gave the Senate when President Barack Obama nominated her to the court in May. She owed about $380,000 on a mortgage.

It's hard to say what she could get for the apartment at the moment. While the housing market has shown some improvement recently, Manhattan real estate declined sharply earlier this year as tens of thousands of people lost their jobs in the crisis that shook the financial sector.

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