Sarah Palin is not a Rogue, says Rogue Brewery


Sarah Palin titled her forthcoming memoir, Going Rogue, after an indictment by a member of the McCain presidential campaign ("She's begun to go rogue," a senior Republican put it). It's surely the favorite endorsement of the famously quick-triggered former vice-presidential candidate and Alaska governor. But is she really a Rogue, with a capital R?

Brett Joyce, president of the 21-year-old Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon, says the jury is out. "We already have an official writer," Joyce says. "He's the quintessential Rogue." That's Richard Marcinko, author of the Rogue Warrior books, including Red Cell, The Real Team, Echo Platoon, Lone Survivor, and Holy Terror. Key characteristics of a real Rogue, says Joyce: "a revolutionary, someone that doesn't follow the status quo." Joyce says he isn't sure Palin fits that description (although I'd certainly give her credit for the second part.)