Don't Make Pogo Puppy Angry; You Won't Like It When He's Angry


Today, I logged into Facebook game Pogo Puppies after a week and, boy, was my pup teed off. My little mutt's scrunched up face (see pic below) said a million words, and I immediately felt guilty for letting Libbits suffer without bathing, food or playtime for a whole seven days. D'oh!

I quickly went to the in-game store and procured a ham hock and some soap, and went back to Libbit's house and took care of business. After a feeding and a quick scrub, my beagle was wriggly and happy again, and I was finally out of the doghouse, to to speak.

In case you haven't heard of Pogo Puppies, it's a brand new social game from Pogo, which launched quietly earlier this month. The goal is to pick a puppy (from a handful of breeds, such as pugs, poodles and beagles), give them a home and take care of them, which includes standard chores like feeding and bathing them, buying items for their house and entering them in the local dog show.

Lesson learned today: if you don't want your puppy to make this evil face, make sure you tend to his/her needs.


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