Goby.com tries to respond to "There's nothing to do!"


I can still hear myself at the age of 10, whining "There's nothing to DO!" The designers of the new web site Goby.com must have had the same experience, and created this tool for just that purpose. Unfortunately, like many fledgling sites, it isn't ready for prime time yet.

Goby.com's search feature is pleasingly simple. It asks three questions: what (do you want to do) where (do you want to do it) and when. The first field, what, has a drop down menu for categories including places to go, food and drink, events, fall fun, places to stay, family fun, etc. With a few clicks, I found out that

  • Mute Math is playing in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend

  • I can get a room at the Holiday Inn in Marietta, Ohio, for $86

  • There is a playground in Klein Park in Las Cruces, N.M.

  • The American Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham, Wash., is $2 per person

  • A ghost tour in Tuscon, Ariz.,. apparently is taking place at Voyager RV Park, which claims a "special feeling of a real community, wonderful friends, neighbors, and the endless array of things to do and places to go..." but few ghosts.