Daily Wrap: If Social Media Games Are Failures, Why Won't This Reporter Play?

Another dose of hot casual and social gaming stories from around the web (thus freeing up more time to play Roller Coaster Kingdom):

- Blogger Jonathan Eggers throws down the gauntlet by proclaiming The failure of social media games and makes several rather valid points about how social game makers are missing the mark.

- Failure? We think not. One bold reporter ask if FarmVille is an addition worth cultivating as she observes bizarre behavior like moms creating fake Facebook accounts to help build her farm. Yeah, you know that you've already done it.

- Our daily gaming crush has to be SkyFrye. First, it's a basic 2D shooting game. Two, it looks cute like a Super Nintendo game and that's fine by us.

- As Rock Band began its tour this week, its musical competitor Tap Tap Revenge wasn't sitting idyll, releasing Tap Tap Revenge 3 for iPhone/iPod Touch. Who will win? Tap Tap costs $0.99 but comes with less music that Rock Band for $9.99. We're betting on Tap Tap.

- In case you were under a rock, Microsoft released its new PC operating system, Windows 7. So, what does Windows 7 mean for casual gaming? You won't be shocked.

- You're not alone. Facebook-ers befriend, defriend, view photos, play and spam one another for 8 billion minutes a day. No wonder it's so slow, right?

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