Cafe World Cheats & Tips: Best Seating Arrangements


If you're looking for ideas on seating arrangements for your place of business in Cafe World -- there's not a lot of advice to be found. We know that it's important to trap your waiters so they'll automatically serve and bus tables, but after employing that technique, we started to think about the best way to arrange our tables to maximize customers (and dollars). We scoured the Web to find some inspiration and we found two that seem like they'll deliver more bang for your buck.

Cafe World Best Seating Arrangements
Cafe World Best Seating Arrangements

Using blankPixels arrangement, this cafe can seat around 25 customers, giving them easy access to all of the seats. Obviously, this is a larger cafe, so players will have to level up before pulling this off.

Douglas' Cafe (below) shows how you can set up three rows of tables the entire length of the restaurant to seat 30 people. Since there's no room for customers to walk around the tables, though, it's important to place doors (three total) along each table.

Best Seating arrangements in Cafe World
Best Seating arrangements in Cafe World

If you have discovered any other amazing Cafe World seating arrangements or have any related tips, please share in the comments below.


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