Bank of America's incompetence creates mess for soldier's family


Here's a story that will make you want to storm your local Bank of America branch with a water gun: A soldier stationed in Afghanistan got a mortgage for his home through a now-defunct lender and the loan has since been acquired by Bank of America.

Bank of America isn't keeping track of the payments, and they won't talk to the solider's family -- even though they have a power of attorney.

She calls Dave Ramsey who proceeds to throw down the gauntlet. After urging her to call JAG for help, he says "Wow. Gosh folks. . . If you continue to do business with these mega banks. . . Citi and Bank of America and Chase when they continue to act this way to the consumer on a daily basis, why would you do that?. . . Why would you continue to do business with a bank that is that idiotic?. . . It comes down to just gross incompetence. . . It's like you're dealing with the federal government. It's ridiculous. . . As consumers, you have a vote in this. You can vote with your wallet."

So here's what I have to say: If the notion of Bank of America messing around with a soldier stationed in Afghanistan and his family doesn't make you mad as hell, there's something wrong with you. If it does make you mad as hell and you continue to do business with these banks, there's something wrong with you.