Restaurant City's Limited Edition Halloween Items - One Week Only!

Restaurant City fans -- it's time to get creepy, kooky and altogether ooky with 11 new Limited Edition Halloween items that can be used to decorate the inside and outside of your restaurant. Some of the highlights include a new Spooky Roof, Spooky Street Lights (with skulls!) and a special Halloween stove. (See our decked out restaurant in the pic below). Better move fast, though, these items will only stick around for one week.

Restaurant City Halloween Limited Items

Playfish is also holding a Halloween competition -- enter cafe or other Restaurant City related media and be in the running to win 1,000 in Playfish cash and more. See the details for the contest on the official Facebook site.

In the meantime: here's the complete list of Restaurant City's Limited Edition Halloween Items. Remember: You've got seven days to snag these or they'll be gone forever!

Inside Decor
Restaurant City Halloween stove and spooky pumpkin decor
Halloween Stove
3,000 coins

Evil Pumpkin Decor
1,500 coins

1,300 coins

Tentacle Jar
500 coins

Monster Clock

Deer Wall Decor

Outside Decor:

Spooky Roof
8,000 coins

Michelle O'Lantern
1,200 coins

Vital O'Lantern
950 coins

Will O'Lantern
900 coins

Spooky street Lamp
1,000 coins

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