Mustache Decor?

Just in time for winter, the mustache movement has reached critical mass. We've spotted at least a half-dozen blog posts on the trend in just the past couple of weeks, and it even popped up unexpectedly on a skinny - some might even call it "pencil-thin" - latte this morning (see photo).

There will be nary a naked lip in sight this season, with fuzzy mouth-warmers sprouting everywhere from home goods to jewelry to children's toys. A few of our finds:

  • Twig & Thistle checks in with Jack Spade's ridiculously cute Merino Mustache gloves
  • Decor8 points us to Urban Outfitters, who carry both a mustache mug and a mustache ornament/keychain
  • Whorange features a cooler-than-Magnum pillow with interchangeable velcro 'staches
  • SwissMiss has mustache pencils for your office entertainment
  • OhDeeDoh covets these plush mustache toys for kids (or for you - we don't judge)

These are all fun, temporary ways to try on the mustache trend (which is sure to be gone by Spring) without breaking your bank... or growing a mustache.
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