Mafia Wars Rolls Out Cuban Crates


Late last week, Mafia Wars players found a new item to gamble their Reward Points on. Yes, gamble. The new Cuban Crates let players buy one for 20 points or three crates for 55 points. It's a good bargain but there's only a 10 percent chance that you'll receive a rare item. Still, any addition to either your attack of defense scores are always welcome. So if you're ready to take a change on the Cuban Crates, here's what you'll find.

Rare Items:

Ghillie Suit armor (15 attack / 42 defense)

CM Dragon sports car (40 attack / 18 defense)

Uncommon Items:

Traje De Balas armor suit (10 attack / 39 defense) (translation from our amigos at AOL Latino: Bulletproof Suit)

Cane Cutter weapon (35 attack / 5 defense).

Common Items:

Garza 12 Shotgun (12 attack / 29 defense)

Hoja Doble (30 attack / 11 defense)

Ru-357 Pistola (26 attack / 24 defense)

Guerilla Truck (15 attack / 31 defense)

Source: Mafia Wars Wikipedia

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