'Haunted house' comes with a spooky surprise: It can catch on fire


It's a spooky looking house/candle holder intended to give you home a little extra Halloween flavor. As it turns out, it could add a bit of fright to the occasion since, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it can ignite.

If you have one of the Haunted House Screen Tea Light Holders sold at Yankee Candle stores nationwide as well as on Yankeecandle.com since August, don't light that match. It turns out that the window panes can catch on fire when the tea light candles are in place. Three fires have been reported.

Yankee Candle, which has no obvious notice on its site that the product has been recalled, lists the product as sold out. The distributor, on the other hand, does note the recall on its site.

The candle holder is made of black metal. The windows have a transparent coating. The fire trap of a haunted house is 15 inches wide, 15 inches high and four inches deep. It can hold up to six tea light candles.

The Chinese-made product was distributed by Coyne's & Company, which said about 7,800 of the little houses are involved in this recall. Consumers are asked to stop using them immediately.

To get a refund, contact Coyne's & Company or Yankee Candle. Consumers who want more information should contact Coyne's at (800) 336-8666 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Thursday or e-mail custserv@coynes.com