Guest Column: Is There Life after Villa in FarmVille?

FarmVille Freak: Is there life after villa?Angela Morales from pens a guest column on what happens in FarmVille after you've 'made it,' i.e. bought the coveted Villa for your virtual farm. Read on to see if there's life PV (post-Villa).

For many of us Farmville Freaks, obtaining the much desired Villa is what's at the end of the rainbow, but is it the end of farming?

The Villa status is the most sought after item in Farmville, the most coveted possession. Buying the Villa is a special moment for Farmville farmers because it means you've made it. Not only do you need 1 million Farmville coins to purchase it, you must be a level 34 farmer or higher.

I must admit, even myself, the FarmGoddess, was a reluctant convert to Farmville after swearing I wouldn't play and now here I am with 56 million other users, a Farmville addict and a proud Farmville Freak. How did I get to this point? Well, we all start out in the same place with 4 plots of land and high hopes. Maybe it's all of those unlocked items staring back at us, spelled out in obnoxious red ink "LOCKED", but none more mocking than the Villa.

The Villa gave me something to strive for, a goal to reach. In the beginning, as a newbie farmer, our newbie mentality tells us that if you get the Villa then you beat the game, but have you? Not likely. The Zynga gods are too smart for that. They know that before the time many of us have even reached the prestigious level 34, with its ability to purchase the Villa, we will already be hooked. We will have already fallen in love with the game and be desperately coming back for more, for more special edition items, more ribbons to earn and more levels to obtain (there are now 70 levels in Farmville). And the Villa? Well, that was just the bait.

FarmVille Freak Angela MoralesAngela Morales, aka the FarmGoddess, runs, a blog covering news, tips and other info about the Facebook game FarmVille.
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