Economic stimulus for everyone else: Washington considers $84 billion plan


If you're one of the 0.057 percent of Americans -- roughly 175,000 out of 305 million -- who are in line for $140 billion in Wall Street bonuses this year, you may be wondering why the government is spending $787 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars for "economic stimulus." After all, your employers got their $23.7 trillion bailout for causing the financial crisis and everything is hunky-dory now. Your bosses spent $5 billion for lobbying in Washington over the last decade and got an ample return on that investment, so why not just pull up the stairs and take off?

But if you're among the 15.1 million unemployed or part of the other 99.943 percent of America who are not doing so well these days, you might feel that the government is not doing enough for you. While the administration claims that its stimulus plan has saved or created a million jobs so far, that is nowhere near enough. But more help from Washington is coming: Fortune reports that another $84 billion in government spending and tax breaks is headed your way.