Daily Wrap: Free Pac-man; Dora Goes Online and Pocket God Does the Ungodly


We bring you news about casual and social network games from around the Web so we can play more games.

Waka waka. Playing Pac-man never gets old but playing a free version of Pac-man means that we can chase ghosts and chew pellets for no quarters. (PacmanGame.info)

Can't wait for the arrival of the G.I. Joe movie on DVD or Blu-ray? Well a new G.I. Joe Facebook app plugs the movie while letting legions of Facebook addicts (like you and me) discover their true inner hero. (Inside Social Games)

Rock Band finally tours to Apple's little phone that could. This music game costs $9.99 so we don't own it yet, but with a Bluetooth mode that lets you play with your friends, it will be easy to draw slack-jawed stares as you rock out anytime, anywhere. (CasualGaming.biz)

Dora the Explorer grows up, and stars in a browser-based Web game. Yes, the bilingual tween's newest game, Dora Links, lets girls watch their real doll interact with Nickelodeon's Dora's Explorer Girls Web game. Would girls really like this type of stuff? (Virtual Worlds News)

Pocket God does the unholy thing,
charging for new in-game content that used to be free. Before saying boo, we bought the game's $0.99 Tyrannosaurus Rex. (My five-year-old digs dinos). (CasualGaming.biz)

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