Breaking News! Civilization Network Marches to Facebook in 2010

Sid Meier's Civlization Network arrives on Facebook in 2010.
Sid Meier's Civlization Network arrives on Facebook in 2010.

Civilization, the classic turn-based strategy game where players build an empire that advances technologically, culturally and most importantly -- can withstand attacks from hostile nations. There have been numerous iterations of the original PC game, which came out in 1991, and the newest one, called Civilization Network, will be headed to Facebook sometime in 2010.

Sid Meier, the creator of this ongoing game series, left a note on the game's official Facebook fan page, saying that the game will let you build an empire, then keep it going by working with your friends -- sharing technology, working together to create the Great Wonders of the World as well as coming up with the best strategies to smote your enemies.

"The game will offer everything you enjoy in Civ in a fully persistent environment - you can play as much as you like, whenever you like, and it'll be free to play," Meier says in his post.

Notice how there's no mention of limited 'energy' in the game a la Mafia Wars, and there's also no mention if the game will include coins or other virtual goods that you have to buy with real-life cash. We've sent out requests for more information, the meantime, we wonder if this title will convince other traditional game developers to recast their games for the social gaming set.

A closed beta of the Civilization Network will be available "soon." Sign up on the official Facebook site to learn how participate and go social with your civ-building skills.

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