Buying a bagel? Better bring your toaster

toasted bagels
toasted bagels

You expect to pay for extra cream cheese. But paying extra to have a bagel toasted? Seems so. Customers of Lenny's bagels in Rockefeller Center are coughing up 25 cents to have their favorite morning munchie toasted.

One could argue that Lenny's is tacking on the surcharge to cover the extra electricity and manpower needed to toast a customer's bagel. But when they're already charging $1.00 for a bagel and an additional $1.00 to $1.50 for cream cheese (depending on if you choose plain or flavored) you'd think the chain could comp their customers to "get toasted". Especially since for now, Dunkin Donuts, among others, offers "free" toasting with the purchase of every bagel.

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