AfterShark: Mr. Poncho, a home-grown business, hits the big time (sort of)


So we've seen the season finale of Shark Tank. It makes me sad to admit it, but it was possibly the series finale, too, if ABC can't find a more hospitable time slot for it. Most of the people I've talked to who have stumbled on the show have been surprised to admit how gripping it is, and in fact, ratings have climbed ever higher with every airing in the past few weeks -- although possibly not high enough to satisfy perpetually panicking network execs.

As WalletPop readers know, we have been fans of the show since the first episode, and we've been consistently impressed with its intelligence and real-world lessons even as we've documented its dramas. The season finale, the eleventh episode of the show, was just more proof that the show deserves to live to swim another day.

Two of the most memorable entrepreneurs from the broadcast dropped by WalletPop's studios to fill Jason Cochran in on the experience. Sandy Hyun and Roman Peters know nearly nothing about how to gear up a new business and work with manufacturers to create their iPod covers, but they were smart enough to seek assistance in the Shark Tank. How did it go? They dropped by WalletPop to talk about their experience so far.

After the jump, find out what went down on the show: