AfterShark: How the guys from JumpForward made $600,000 in 10 minutes


On last night's season finale of ABC's Shark Tank, two guys walked in the door with empty pockets and walked out with $600,000. Just who out-sharked whom here?

Brian Duggan and Adam McCombs were willing to give the Sharks 10% of their company, JumpForward, in exchange for "only" $150,000. Their subscription-based website is designed to make it easy for colleges to recruit high school athletes by giving them a place to post profiles of their achievements. So far, 30 colleges have signed up, and 60,000 students were represented, which helps universities live by the strict and complicated rules that govern contact between college recruiters and students. Using their proprietary system, colleges can relax, knowing they're not likely to run afoul of violations, and therefore incur steep fines, if they go about recruiting athletes in the wrong way.

In three months, they've made $150,000 in contracts, and they see it going to $35 million. Instantly, Barbara Corcoran didn't trust that the costs wouldn't inflate, and so did Harrington, and they went out. "You guys are way too smart for me," Daymond John admitted, and he left the table, too.

And they are, too. As part of our popular AfterShark video series, WalletPop's Jason Cochran caught up with them in the wake of the show to find out what was going through their minds during the big moment. It turns out there was plenty of action that network TV audiences didn't get to see.