Suzanne Somers wages war on conventional cancer treatments

Suzanne Somers isn't one to necessarily shy away from controversy. Her latest book, "Knockout: Interviews With Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer," out today, is stirring up its fair share.

It seems Somers is advocating for cancer patients to skip mainstream treatments like chemotherapy -- an option she exercised when battling breast cancer eight years ago. Somers has gone on record saying she treated her cancer with a mistletoe extract in conjunction with surgery and radiation -- a move that didn't please her doctors.

Somers says her book, the 19th she's authored, is about options. Opponents say it's a bunch of "hooey."

The American Cancer Society is concerned that celebrities might be using their voices irresponsibly; to dispense medical advice. Interestingly, the more than 10 years and $2.5 billion that have been devoted to researching alternative cancer treatments have yet to prove the remedies like those Somers champions have much merit.

Although she's certainly one of the most vocal, Somers isn't the first sitcom star to reject chemotherapy. When her husband was diagnosed with lung and bladder cancer, fellow actress and author, Marilu Henner, says she helped cure him of cancer.

By detoxing, which included among other things following a strictly vegan diet, Henner's hubby, Michael Brown, beat cancer without receiving one drop of chemo. "I'm not against chemo," clarifies Henner. "I just think you can change your "normal" and, in some cases beat it without chemotherapy."

While alternatives may appear to have worked for Somers and Brown, the American Cancer Society cautions this isn't the norm. And alternative therapies shouldn't be looked to as "cures" to cancer, cautioning that these practices are neither endorsed nor preferred.

What are your thoughts? If you, or a loved one, received a similar diagnosis, would you follow mainstream treatment plans? Or test your luck with the alternatives?

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