Rock and Roll Your Own in Denny's New Food Game

Denny's Allnighter
Denny's Allnighter

The fabled national food chain Denny's is finally embracing its legendary status as late-night hangout with a new Allnighter Rockstar menu. Filled with dishes like Jewel's Acoustic Smoked Chicken Quesadilla, Los Lonely Boys' Texican Burger, Rascal Flatts Unstoppable Breakfast and the The Hooburrito (created by Hoobastank) and served for 10pm to 5am night owls, Denny's decided that it still needed one more menu item and decided to let online fans determine what will make its menu complete.

The Cook Like a Rockstar contest launched last night on Facebook, iPhone and the site and tasks hungry digerati with creating a custom dish of their own from eggs, pancakes, veggies, fruit and other Denny's staples. With the right ingredients and a rocking name, one lucky virtual chef will be immortalized with a private grand prize party at a local Denny's location with an editable version of their creation. Roadie Tootie? Moons Over My Power Ballad? The possibilities are endless.

Is it time for lunch yet?