Madonna Makes Lousy Neighbor


Who would be crazy enough to threaten The Material Mom? Answer: Madonna's Manhattan neighbor Karen George.

George isn't too happy with the noises under the floor and filed a suit on Friday against the building's management company. According to the suit, Madge has been training in her 7th floor apartment for one to three hours a day to "unreasonably high decibel, amplified music, causing noise and vibration to pour through the walls, ceilings and radiators." C'mon Karen, how else is Ms. M going to keep that killer 50-year-old body?

The noise violation, however, is no joke. George first complained in 2008 - Madonna moved into the building after divorcing Guy Ritchie. A year of complaints later and the board has reportedly threatened to evict Madonna if the problem isn't resolved.

No one wants to deal with noise problems, so what's the best way to handle noisy neighbors?