Machinarium Walkthrough: Take the Edge Off this Tough Puzzler


Machinarium is a stylized point & click game that will appeal to fans of the so-called "room escape" games -- games where the goal is to solve puzzles to escape a room or environment. This game stars a cute robot that is tossed into a junkyard and looking for a way out. Players must help it escape by clicking around a bizarre world of metal and machinery, collecting and using junk to solve puzzles to move from place to place.

This game's low-fi, steam punk art style makes this game extra special -- making each environment look like a piece of art. All dialog in the game is pictorial and appears in thought bubbles above character's heads.

If you've played Machinarium, you'll also notice that the game is hard. Some of the puzzles had us clicking around randomly, searching for clues. More than once, we consulted the hints (there's one hint per puzzle) and played the quirky shooting mini-game to unlock the in-game walkthrough.

So, if you're here looking for help -- don't feel bad. We needed it too. Fortunately, we found this walkthrough video that shows all of the solutions for the puzzles in the free demo. (So, don't watch all of it, unless you're OK with spoilers).

Download the Machinarium Demo Here!

Get the full Machinarium Walkthrough here >