Look at Meez! Teen Social Site Launches on MySpace

Meez Nation launches on MySpace next week.
Meez Nation launches on MySpace next week.

Meez, a teen-focused social network where players create avatars and chat, play games, etc, is making the move to MySpace. In one week, Meez Nation will launch on the popular social network with an experience that seems like a more sophisticated version of Zynga's YoVille.

In the game, users will create an avatar and then travel to their customizable "Roomz" and to social spaces called "hangouts" in different neighborhoods where they can share music, videos, have dance contests, among other activities.

Meez Nation will be free to play, but will be supported with virtual currency or "Coinz," which can be used on fancier items for their Roomz or access to exclusive neighborhoods. Players will also be able to buy pre-paid "Meez Coin Cards" at big box retailers, such as Target and Best Buy, which will allow players to avoid making online purchases and, alternately, a way to gift Coinz to friends and family who are Meez devotees.

Unlike many of the social games currently on Facebook and MySpace, Meez will have advertising integrated into the game, offering "brands who use the Meez platform to reach teens an even greater community for spreading brand awareness through interactive advertising," says Meez CEO John Cahill.

Let's hope the game isn't overrun by advertising along the lines of PC game Second Life, where you can barely make a move without being bombarded with brands, etc. We'll pass along more information about the advertising and more when we have it. In the meantime, head to the official site get a better feel of the Meez Nation experience.