Feedback: Are VA loans working for the troops?

There were more than 200 comments on a recent article, "Are VA loans working for troops?" The vast majority acknowledged the main point of the article, that mortgage programs provided by the Veterans' Adminstration may be inadequate for soldiers and their families who are looking to buy foreclosed or otherwise distressed homes.

Several of the commentors said that the extra layers of red tape are actually a good thing, preventing veterans from buying homes that are either overpriced or in need of serious remodeling in order to be inhabited.

Specifically for California, there are other loan programs called CalVet that may be worth looking at also.

Lastly, a few of the comments encouraged soldiers to be persistent in their search for a home, both using conventional loan programs if they make more sense, and letting the VA process work for them.

Thanks for the comments and hopefully all our men and women in service and their families can find suitable homes.

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