Don't Lift That Sofa!

If you're breaking your back - and your budget - rearranging and redecorating your home every couple of months because it's just never quite perfect, might be just the tool that you're missing.
A digital playground for aspiring decorators, the easy-to-use web site allows users to create and arrange virtual rooms. It's a fun time-kill to click around in the clean and simple interface, but it's also a valuable planning tool to use when you're considering a remodel of your own space.

Create a virtual replica of your existing room (matching details down to items like dimensions, type of flooring, and door/window placement), then fill it with any of their thousands of furniture items and accessories to see what will work best in your space.

They also offer a cool "mood board" feature, where you can create a customized inspiration collage to help you refine what type of atmosphere you want your home to exude. This could be an especially useful tool to help roommates come to a consensus on decorating style.
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