Sleep in Clapton's Bed, and other Celeb Rentals

Open that purse and peel back some very big bills... there are two celebrity rentals on the market.

Five hundred benjis - or $50,000 - will buy you and 14 friends Eric Clapton's 10,000 square-foot Antigua estate for a week.

The house, stunningly set on a peninsula, comes with more than just intoxicating proximity to the legendary musician. You'll get a full housekeeping staff for those kind of bills. A maid and butler will come in handy if you throw a party, which you should, because the ocean-facing Standfast Pointe comes with a covered terrace, outdoor dining space, two pools, and views of the islands of Montserratt and Guadeloupe. Check out a slideshow here. Talk about a view!

Alas, you'll need to pack your iPod or BYOB (bring your own band). Surprisingly, there is no music room. Clapton uses this as a vacation home during the winter. Enjoy the quiet pleasure of his modern art collection but bring your own beats, and booze - the now-sober Clapton probably doesn't have a stocked bar. (In fact, he started an executive drug rehab center on the island.)

If you're more the St. Barth's kind of renter, look no further than Steve Martin's sweet vacation villa. For $28,000 a week you get four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy. Martin purchased the home, renovated in 2003, this past spring for an undisclosed sum (it was listed for $9 mil) and rents it through St. Barth's Properties.

Don't worry, just because Martin's renting doesn't mean the comedian's fallen on hard times. Turns out, renting homes on St. Barth's is common practice. Since the island's celebs no doubt stagger their stays, you might have prime celeb-spotting right next door.

via The Wall Street Journal
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