Astroboy Movie Gains Web Games

The latest Japanese anime gone American, Astroboy, soars into theaters later this week and based on our viewing of the movie last weekend, moviegoers will be impressed. While it lacks the signature 3-D glasses that are now required for any big animated movie, Astroboy's success is found in a touching storyline that follows the actions of a robotic scientist who recreates his dead son's likeness in the world's most powerful defense robot.

Of course, the Official Astroboy Movie Site features games for fans to enjoy. Astroboy Rescue is a standard fare bubble popping game where players fly Toby (aka Astroboy) to stack orbs in the hopes of matching three. Second, there's Astroboy Blast-A-Bot, a side-scrolling shooter game where you'll fly Astroboy against enemy ships, gaining various power-ups and energy packs (sorry, appears that game doesn't feature butt-shooting guns). Once you're done, you can share the gaming love by using the game's "Get & Share" option that allows you to paste the game into email, MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle, Friendster, Windows Live, MyYearbook, Hi5 and Blogger.

If that's not enough from you, Astroboy the Video Game arrives for PlayStation 2, PSP, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS on October 23.

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