What your e-mail address says about your credit score


E-mail addresses can tell people a lot about you.

Your username, or what's in front of the @ symbol can tell potential employers, dates and associates about your political affiliations, year of birth, what school you went to and even your affinity for elf culture.

Did you know that what comes after the @ sign can be more revealing than your cleverly chosen username?

A new trend report published by Credit Karma ranks e-mail domains by the average credit score of Credit Karma users. The data shows that BellSouth and Comcast users have the highest ratings, perhaps because they come with a paid Internet service.

Gmail comes in third, leading the pack of free e-mail services with an average credit score of 681, which is close to the average credit score for 45-54-year-olds and the average credit score for California, Oregon and Washington state.