6 Seasonal Jobs You Never Thought Of

seasonal jobsWhat do you do during the winter months? Celebrate some holidays? Prepare to adopt a healthier lifestyle on January 1? Wrap yourself in an electric blanket and cry until spring thaws all the ice?

Many people use these frosty months to find new work or take on temporary jobs because they've got some extra free time. Or just because it's a good time to make money. By now you know some seasonal jobs by heart -- department store Santa, retail sales clerk -- but some others might have slipped by you.

In case you're looking to find some temporary work in the next few months, you should consider some of these seasonal jobs:

1. Child-care workers

Why they're in demand: Students get long breaks from school, but parents don't get a hiatus from work. In fact, work can get even more hectic as deadlines loom and budgets shrink with the approach of December 31. Therefore working parents need someone to watch and entertain the children while they're away. Or, when they're off shopping for gifts or at various year-end parties, child-care workers step in so parents can enjoy themselves for a few hours.

Median hourly wage*: $9.12

2. Hotel and resort workers

Why they're in demand: For many people, especially families, winter trips are more popular than summer vacations. Whether they're trying to get to a warm climate for the holiday season or they're forced to visit family across the country, people travel a lot in the winter and they're heading to hotels and resorts.

Median hourly wage:

3. Housekeepers

Why they're in demand: As mentioned above, travel picks up in the wintertime, mostly due to the holidays and ample vacation time. That's why hotels and resorts need more staff to keep their rooms clean. Don't forget, though, that many people also stay with family and friends, which calls for more vigorous house cleaning than a typical tidying.

Median hourly wage: $9.13

4. HVACR mechanics and installers

Why they're in demand: Appliances have a way of puttering out when you need them most, and I'm going to bet you waited to turn the heat on until you absolutely had no choice. It worked for a few minutes and then started to blow cold air and caused icicles to form in your living room. These mechanics save the day and get heat flowing back into your home so you don't have to wear three pairs of socks to walk to the kitchen.

Median hourly wage: $19.08

5. Security guards

Why they're in demand: When everybody's shopping, stores can get a bit crazy. Traffic spikes in all kinds of retail shops -- clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, car dealerships -- and you want to make sure no merchandise leaves without getting purchased. Plus, let's be honest, tempers can flare when parents can't find the perfect toys for their children. Companies want security there to keep the ruckus to a minimum.

Median hourly wage: $11.28

6. Valets

Why they're in demand: During winter, families, friends and colleagues often meet up to have lunch or dinner. These meals are supposed to symbolize love and the joy of togetherness; in reality they're saying "Let's only meet up once a year and no more." Factor in cold weather that prevents people from wanting to walk more than 10 feet, and you've got a line of cars that need to be parked. Don't forget that malls and boutiques also hire valets, too.

Median hourly wage: Varies and tips usually are the norm

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