Pet Society Halloween: Dress Your Pet in Three Limited Edition Costumes


When Pet Society promises Halloween items, it delivers in a big way. When we logged on this morning, we noticed a flood of Halloween-only items in almost all of the shops. The clothes store has three new spooky full-body costumes for your pet; they can dress as a cute witch with white hair, a mummy, or a Scream-inspired mask with black hood and cloak.

Pet Society Halloween Special - Costumes
Pet Society Halloween Special - Costumes

A full costume costs anywhere between 900 and 2,300 coins. Of course, you can just buy pieces separately if you don't want to spend that much on Halloween getup.

Please note that these costumes will only be around until November 1 GMT, so you have roughly two weeks to grab all these spooky collectibles before they're gone forever. After the jump, peek at the complete list of Halloween clothing options (and prices), modeled by my pet, Bluer.