Mafia Wars Cheats & Tips: Five Property Pro Insights

Building your mafia empire takes more than just adding more muscle to your mob. In Mafia Wars, you'll need to buy property and create buildings in order to make serious cash that you'll use to buy new properties and equip your mafia in the New York episode of the game. So we compiled the smartest tips, used by the pros to help turn your fledgling troop of hoodlums into an empire.

1) Buy 10
While you can't start off the game by buying 10 of everything, each purchase that you make increases the value of the property. So if you buy a property for $1,000, your second might cost $1,100. So say you bought 10 Abandoned Lots one at a time? $1,200, $1,300, $1,400 and so on. Purchasing in this way would make $10,000 worth of abandon lots sell for $15,400. Or, you could just save up, then buy 10 properties at once (the highest amount allowed) for $10,000, without the $5,400 markup.

2) Mafia Mike's

Every mafia needs a bar to meet in and purchasing each one is a privilege in Mafia Wars that only comes when you add new Mafia Members. The bars are invaluable since they also turn a tidy profit early on in the game. For instance, our 11th Mafia Mike's will cost us a mere $15,200 with a return of $288,000. That's a lot of drinking and a worthwhile investment.

3) Protect Your Property

After your build up your empire, you'll be given the option to protect them. Protecting properties may not sound like fun but it's an effective strategy for protecting your money making buildings. Given the removal of the rob option in the game, which allowed fellow players to rob your properties in order to loot and topple them, protection might not seem worth the high cost. But given that the robbing feature may return, protecting now may make for a safer tomorrow.

4) Choose Mogul
When starting a game with the strategy that you want to be a big money earner, choose to play a mogul. The two other types in the game, Fearless and Maniac, must wait up to the three hours to make a return on their properties. Moguls, being the busy types that they are, make a profit every 53 minutes.

5) Trade in Reward Points
Can't wait to build up your property? Then you can use your Reward Points (earned or purchased) to gain money from Mafia Wars' Godfather.

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