Mafia Wars Gains Eight New Achievements


Mafia Wars recently added eight new achievements to the game, giving players some new goals to meet. From a new level of dedication for 20 days of fighting to losing 10 fights in a row, there's a host of challenges for both new and seasoned players. For players who've already completed the conditions for these badges of honor, simply firing up the game will add them to your achievement list.

Here's a list of the newest achievements and their descriptions:

Bounty Hunter

Earned by collecting 50 bounties from the Hitlist


Earned by winning 100 fights in a row


Earned by logging in and completing a job 20 days in a row

First Blood

Earned by declaring and winning a war

It's Good to be the King

Earned by being promoted to at least 10 friends' top mafia

Master Collector

Earned by vaulting all of the New York and Cuba collections

Set Them up for Later

Earned by losing 10 fights in a row


Earned by participating in 500 wars