Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 Now Fancier


Brad Borne's Fancy Pants series is an ode to his love of all things Mario Bros. with a touch of Sonic the Hedgehog without either character. Played from a side view, players are given four directions and a single jump button move Fancy Pants as he collects tokens, speeds through upside down loops and jumps down on evil spiders and shooting menaces.

Featuring hand-drawn scenes and challenges usually reserved for much larger game developers, Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 helped Borne land a job to create a 2D browser-based version of EA's action video game, Mirror's Edge 2D.

Instead of starting from scratch, Mirror's Edge 2D plays similarly to Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 but with several enhancements that made the game look better. With Mirror's Edge 2D done, Borne decided to add those enhancements to his original game. The result doesn't offer never levels or Adventure World 3, but fans of the series can now play a further refined version of the game that comes with less jitters and smoother gameplay.

If you haven't played the game before, block out about 30 minutes of play time since you'll find that it's tough to stop playing.

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