Cafe World Cheats & Tips: Six Easy Ways to Level Up Fast


No one every said being a restaurant owner would be easy. You have to put in a lot of hard hours, and follow a few rules to go from food noob to the Gordon Ramsey of the Cafe World set. Actually, earning experience points, aka Cafe Points, in Cafe World can be easy, provided you're willing to put in the time climb the virtual chef-ing ladder. Here's six surefire ways to turn your cafe into a happening hot spot.

1. Cook Chips & Guacamole and Bacon Cheeseburgers -- lots of them. Chips and Guacamole only take three minutes to cook and Bacon Cheeseburgers take five minutes. That means you can buy them, cook them quickly, then serve them while starting another round, racking up 4 and 7 experience points respectively. Keep doing this for a solid hour and you'll gain between 60-84 experience points.

2. Don't Let Your Food Spoil. Be Vigilant. Food takes a certain amount of time to cook and to rot -- so you need to be aware when your dishes will be ready to serve. If the food spoils, you will not only lose the dish (and the money it cost to buy it), but you will not gain any experience points, key to levelling up fast. We recommend setting an alert in Microsoft Outlook or on your phone to remind you to check on dishes in the game.

3. Don't Use All Stoves to Cook Higher Level Foods. As you start to cook foods that take longer (1 day, 2 days); it's important to leave one or two stoves open for faster items, like the bacon cheeseburgers. Then you'll be able to gather experience points quickly, but also benefit from the experience gained cooking items that take longer.

4. Visit Your Cafe World Friends Daily. All of Them. This is the biggest no-duh tip in the book; if you visit your Cafe World friends' restaurants and try their daily

specials, you will be rewarded with five (5) experience points. You can only get this bonus once a day -- so be sure to check in with all of them every day.

5. Look Out for Random Requests for Help. Sometimes during the game, other Cafe owners will randomly pop in and ask for help. You have a limited amount of time to accept their request , and if you decide to help out, you will score five (5) additional experience points.

6. Buying New Restaurant Items Does Not Yield Experience Points. You can buy as many Ming Chairs and Checkered Floor tiles you want, but it will not give you any additional experience points. If you want to power level, we recommend using the most basic chairs, tables and then skip the decoration and use the money to buy more stoves, serving areas and, of course, food.

Have any other pro Cafe World tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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