Cafe World Blows Up! 20 Million Users in Three Weeks


Facebook game Cafe World is attracting virtual restaurateurs in droves, hitting 20 million users since it launched three weeks ago. That makes this, officially, the fastest growing social game of all time -- outpacing FarmVille, which is now at 60 million active users roughly four months after its debut.

Cafe World hits 20 million active users
Cafe World hits 20 million active users

Roller Coaster Kingdom, a theme-park game also from Zynga, has also shown positive growth -- bringing in 4 million new users last week. This game has suffered from ups and downs in the past, as has the number four gainer this week -- Bejeweled Blitz from PopCap. The match-three game from PopCap launched a redesign last week -- with new powerups an more -- which has obviously struck a chord with Facebook users.

Playfish, Zynga's main rival, games have also seen positive growth, but no where near the booming numbers of Cafe World and FarmVille. Pet Society, Playfish's pet game, has the same number of active users as Cafe World, and that's been around since August 2008. There's also rumors that game publishing giant EA has bought Playfish, so we'll be interested to see how that changes the game playing population once that takes effect.

In the meantime, we'll be serving up endless batches of Chips and Guac in our Cafe World cafe -- alongside 20 million other people. See you in the kitchen.

[Via Inside Social Games]