Take Your Tailgate Inside

I know, I know - it seems like just recently that I told you to take it outside. But Party Girl's mood changes with the season, so with the cooler air and shorter days - and football season - it's prime time for some indoor tailgating.

Couldn't score tickets to the big game? No worries! With a little imagination and a lot of team spirit, you can pull off a winning tailgate party with nary a tailgate in sight.
Although an indoor tailgate effectively rules out the genre-standard charcoal grill, you do gain access to another important appliance: your oven. Bake up one of the following appetizers to keep your guests noshing from kickoff to the final whistle.

Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings
Mexican Layered Dip (AllRecipes)
Chili in Biscuit Bowls (FoodNetwork)

Bonus points for making your team's logo out of cheese on at least one dish (like I did here for Virginia Tech - Go Hokies!) Either free-hand it, or else print out a template, then lay it on top of slices of processed cheese and trace with a paring knife.

Although a sleeve of those ubiquitous red plastic cups would certainly set a tailgating mood, it seems a bit wasteful and eco-unfriendly when your cabinet full of glassware is in easy reach. Instead, buy a bunch of re-usable drink holders ("huggies," "koozies," or "coolies," depending on where you're from) in your team's colors.

Cheap beer is a must-have, and I can't think of a tailgate on a crisp fall day without thinking of Apple Pie Shooters. What's that? You don't serve Apple Pie Shooters at your tailgate parties? Be the first to introduce them to your fellow fans. Trust me.

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